Business Cards for MDG 5


How to sneak development education into advertisement material




Cake base


1st step – The medium

We brainstormed about the medium which would be good to spread our message. We decided on business cards. They are handy as they fit in a wallet and people tend to keep them as they include information which is useful to them.


2nd step – The design

We met with the graphic designer and we agreed on a design, which displays a pregnant woman. There is a text saying: "So that giving birth is a happy event all over the world” and “We support MDG 5: Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio”. There is a link to the website zajimejtese.cz (it means 'be interested'), where can be found more about the given MDG. The design includes the EU logo.




3rd step – Finding and contacting businesses to distribute your cards

Addressing a new target group like the YMPs means that we have to thoroughly choose the locations for our material. Only then can we be sure that the right people are reached by the action.

We got together to brainstorm the best places to spot our target group. Some of them were introduced to us through friends and partners, which made the contact easier. One of them had already worked with us in the past. It was not difficult to get the businesses involved. We sent them a design and a very short cover letter explaining that the cards are for free, and the purpose of the action. We contacted nine businesses and only two of them refused. One of them (laser aesthetics clinic) said they are just starting their business and they want everything to be positive. The other business also considered the message to be negative and disturbing.


4th Step – Arranging details

Once the businesses agree, arrange with them how many cards will be printed, what information they want to have on their cards, and in what design. Some of the businesses had their own design, and decided to leave it up to us.


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