Business Cards for MDG 5


How to sneak development education into advertisement material






The idea of using business cards proved to be very effective. We had very positive reactions from the business owners, and many business cards reached YMPs with little effort of distribution by our NGO team.

But in our case, we also found out that communicating the MDGs (and MDG 5 in particular) by printing out messages is probably not the most effective way. Especially if this MDG is quite difficult to apply to someone’s lifestyle, and we cannot offer a solution for everyday life.

Also, we should have thought more about the feedback in advance. We cannot be there all the time in a clinic or massage studio. So when implementing this kind of action with indirect distribution through business owners, we cannot get direct feedback by those who receive the business cards. We provided the link to our website zajimejtese.cz, where all the MDGs are described. We should have probably provided a link directly to our Facebook webpage, where MDG 5 is explained, to be able to measure the feedback more precisely.

However, we had some feedback from the physicians who said that they had spoken with their patients about the issue. One interested business (gynecologist) asked if it could be possible to print next-visit cards, or if she could use our visuals again, because her patients expressed interest in the message.

We still feel that with advertisement material such as business cards, many other development topics can be easily promoted to a huge number of YMPs. Therefore, this method can be helpful as a tool for reaching new locations and target groups with development information. 


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