Christmas Tree Decorated with Trash


How to use holiday seasons for development educational actions 






 We wanted to communicate MDG 7 in an interesting and positive way. As Christmas time was approaching, we came up with an idea of a Christmas tree decorated with trash as an object that would definitely draw attention. We wanted to point out the excessive use of plastics, but also offer a positive solution.










 We placed the tree in front of one of the most frequented shopping malls and handed out paper shopping bags to YMPs headed shopping. We asked them to put the items they bought in the paper bag in order to not waste more plastic bags. The event was very successful, as it had great media coverage.










Timing there was also very important as the event took place the first work day after Christmas, when people head to shops and the media are happy for stories, as Christmas is already over and nothing really happens in politics or economy.With this recipe we want to inspire you how to make use of special occasions during the year to deliver your message. With a special timing during the year and using symbols that everyone knows you can reach new target groups for global topics. In our case it was Christmas time and a Christmas tree – in your case it may be something different. If you think of your local context you may find a lot of special occasions during the year which could be made use of.








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