Mouse Pads for MDGs


How to reach Young Modern Performers at work






When trying to reach new target groups it is all about reaching new channels with development education as well. But almost no development education has reached people at their workplaces. This we wanted to change. These days, everyone is working in the office: Young Modern Performers (YMPs), to whom we address this action, spend most of their time at the computer, both at work and also in their spare time. A lot of them work in the IT industry and thus are interested in technology news and new computer gadgets. YMPs lead modern and comfortable lives, they have modern equipment in their houses and offices, and they constantly seek replacements with even newer equipment and gadgets. We can see YMPs using computers, mobile phones, iPods and iPhones everywhere – on the streets, in trains, cars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. They use this technology for both work and leisure.

One of the most important and useful accessories for the computer is the mouse. Even though we use more and more touch pads in laptops, the mouse is still the most convenient and efficient way of using a computer. People use it to surf the internet, work using Office software or play computer games. We recognized the mouse pad as a very direct and personal gadget that will enable us to reach the target group YMPs. Mouse pads are useful especially in the office, where using a mouse is still common for nearly every work station. That is why we decided to produce special mouse pads and distribute them to the offices of one of the biggest companies in Krakow where many YMPs work. We decided that mouse pads could be the best way of raising awareness on the issue of computer and electronic waste, in the context of illegal dumping places in developing countries.

With this recipe you will find an idea of how to reach workplaces. A mousepad is one idea of how to do it. When looking around at your working desk you may come up with many other ideas as well, starting with staplers and memo stickers, to desk blotters. Read more in the following on how we worked with mouse pads.


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