Placemats for Restaurant Carriages on Trains


Reaching Young Modern Performers as business travelers






These days travel is an inseparable part of our business world. In this age of globalization, people have to travel a lot for appointments, meetings and conferences. And Young Modern Performers (YMPs) are a vital part of this mobile global business world.

But how to address business travelers as a target group? They are hard to reach by development NGOs who normally provide public events and street activities to get people interested.

If you want to address them, we need to let the information travel with them. This action will provide you with some ideas on how to send development education 'on the road'. In our case, we successfully put an offer of development information with them on trains. But the principle of reaching people on the move can also be transferred to airplanes and many other ways of public transportation.

Besides airplanes or cars, YMPs often use trains as a combination of a comfortable and relatively quick method of traveling with the great advantage that they can work while traveling. To meet this demand there are, in many European countries, fast train connections between the major metropolitan business areas. For instance the Polish railway has Intercity trains that connect the cities of Krakow and Warsaw as well as Warsaw and Wroclaw. These more expensive Intercity trains are used primarily by the wealthy and those who travel for business. Each of these trains has a restaurant carriage run by a service provider, WARS. According to recent research by this company, 90% of its customers are YMPs  traveling for business. Eating a meal on these trains can give a traveler an opportunity to relax during their long journey. It also presents us with an opportunity, for while customers are waiting for their meal, it may be possible to interest them in something. Thus we took the opportunity to draw their attention by giving them special placemats.


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