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From the airport staff, to the local authorities and civil servants, and also from the feedback on our Facebook page from YMPs, we can claim that the final result of this action was very positive.



As we mentioned previously, in this recipe we established regular communication with ANA airport to understand the status of the action. How many bookmarks were available? There were some reactions to the bookmark - with the numbers they have provided us with some accurate information, but not regarding the reactions. It’s almost impossible to ask the staff of the airport  for this kind of information.

We also contacted friends, family and co-workers to ask them to check the reactions of the passengers at the airport terminal, and to capture some pictures. They have done this most of the time.

Two main negative points of this action can be identified:

First: it is not written in the planebookmark that it is a bookmark. In fact, only the poster in the exhibition panel indicates that.

Second: the exhibition panel was placed in the exit area, in a hall where people are running to the luggage or towards the exit.

The positive effects of the bookmark far outweigh the negatives. Establish synergies between the NGO and the airport, and between development and mobility to demonstrate that casual learning is a concept that really works in projects. Small actions that are supported by creativity and innovation are well received by partners and by the general public.


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