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How to get development education on smartphones? 






Lessons learnt 

Don’t write – call !

When addressing hotel and airport management or other it is important to emphasis that you are not doing commercial advertisement. With this kind of action it is likely to be recognized as a company which means that regular fees for advertisement will be charged. Very clear communication is essential to get the possibility to display something for free. We found for us that letters to hotels and airport management are not very successful. Even though it is high effort in time it is best to visit hotels in person with the roll up and the app at hand. Only then we can really make them understand what this action is about and explain the idea of non profit development education. Once having understood the concept the reactions by the management of hotels and airport were very positive about the action.



When working with digital educational material there are two ways of measuring. Numbers of access by people and reaction of people.

First of all we gathered feedback in numbers. A counter on the downloads enabled us to exactly measure how many people installed the app.

During the implementation we reached over 500 smartphone users.

Also we could see at what times the app was downloaded. Thus we could also track what places the roll up worked very well 

However, when implementing a new technique of educational action it is helpful to also get some voices of the target group. So we asked some Young Modern Performers at the lobbies how they felt about the app. We got great feedback: “The puzzle is fun and I did not know about MDGs before”; “fun app”; “no information overload, well done”

Of course we could not attend all the reactions to the roll up because we were not there all the time. What we did instead was to interview those people who spend all day there and could tell well, how the initial reactions of Young Modern Performers to the app were like- the staff of the hotels and airport.

With these interviews we completed our feedback.



Where to put your logo

In a program or an app there are in principal two places that allow putting the logo. Putting the logo of our organization is possible either at the so called credits (impressum of a program) or at the start screen as well. For the puzzle app we used both.


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