Smartphone napkin on fair trade coffee 


How to do interactive print products for Young Modern Performers ?






7th step - Placing napkins 

After all the preparation, this step is easy and involves only filling up the bins and holders of cafeterias and bars.

The smartphone napkin showed in this recipe was distributed in the cafeterias of two university technical departments. One cafeteria is in a university in Hohenheim, Germany,  which has students studying agriculture, economics, or business informatics.

The other university is in Heidelberg, Germany, and offers, among other subjects, natural sciences, maths and physics, economy and law studies, and medicine.

The distribution of the smartphone napkins took place in autumn 2011. It ran for four weeks - until the last napkins had been distributed.





8th step - Organizing supporting activities 

In some places, such as cafeterias, it is possible to have some additional activities that go along with the start of the distribution of the napkins.

It can be some information point on a topic with some leaflets, or it can be some installation of art to draw attention to a topic.

In our case, we decided to install some coffee-related art objects from a local artist for one week. The artist put up two oversized coffee filters which had a diameter of approximately one meter. Also there was a width of material tinged with coffee in the entrance area. The artist also painted cloths with coffee elements which were put up at the windows.

In addition, there were 20 information papers hanging on the wall where students could read about the cultivation of coffee, the working conditions in this sector, and fair trade coffee. Furthermore, there was a fair trade point where students could buy fair trade food such as chocolate, dried mangos, tea and, of course, a large assortment of coffee.




We also had an information point on fair trade in place during the first day of distributing the napkins.




9th step - Instructing service staff 

The napkins are distributed over a period of several days or weeks at the locations. As you cannot be there all the time, service staff or waiters will refill the napkin holders or place the napkins at the tables. They need to be informed about the action as well, and also should be briefed about tracking some reactions by YMPs. This will allow you to get more feedback beyond your own.


Where to put the logo 

The logo of your organization and sources of funding can be printed on the napkins anywhere.


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