Wristbands for the Carnival


How to address Young Modern Performers in bars and clubs




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1st step - Creating  and designing wristbands

The first thing we did was to prepare the information for the wristbands. The problem was that we had to find a really short message because of the small size of the gadget. We brainstormed ideas and managed to create a short slogan:

I am fair. I support FAIR TRADE.

There is a kind of wordplay in the slogan, for even though somebody may not know much about fair trade, there is the suggestion that it is something very positive. In the sense of informing about sustainable lifestyles, our goal was to bring their attention to the idea of fair trade and to encourage them to change their everyday consumption habits.

We decided that the wristbands should be blue because of the color of the icon of MDG 8, which is related to fair trade.


With the wristbands there was limited space for a message on fair trade. So we connected the wristband directly to our Facebook page that provided deeper information on how fair trade works and what it is good for. This way, the YMPs could reach out online for more information on how to change their personal shopping behavior.

In this sense the wristband was a teaser for a more complete information offer online.


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