Wristbands for the Carnival


How to address Young Modern Performers in bars and clubs






Next we needed to find a producer. One volunteer conducted research related to different companies producing wristbands and asked them for their prices. Then we chose the company with the best offer and asked them for an example of the wristband.


Design of the wristband – simulation before production



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When we accepted the design, production started. The production lasted one week.


2nd step - Choosing place

After the wristbands were produced, we could look for a place for their distribution. Like always when reaching out to a new target group, it is important to choose the right location to find those people that you want to address. So where to find YMPs in the evening?

We conducted research among their friends and on the internet, and prepared the list of the four most prestigious, modern, and popular clubs and pubs among YMPs in Krakow. Then we contacted them – first we sent the offers of cooperation by e-mail and also pictures of wristbands, and second we phoned them. Finally, we partnered with the club 'Lizard King' in Krakow, which is a very popular club not only in Krakow, but also in other Polish cities. It is a popular place because of concerts which take place there every week. 'Lizard King' is where many of the most famous bands in Poland have their concerts and this always attracts a lot of people.


3rd step - Distribution of wristbands

It was planned that the action would be implemented during carnival time. So we agreed that wristbands would be distributed in January and February that year. Our volunteers delivered the wristbands to the club. It was important to determine how people would get the wristbands.

The best option when being at a strange location is always that the material you want to distribute is directly promoted by the host of the bar, club event. This way, acceptance is much higher among your target group (who came not for you but for the bar, club or event).

Thus for the wristband action, we agreed with the staff of the club that the wristbands would be given out at the entrance point with the tickets. In this way, we could be sure that everyone would get a wristband.




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