Mobility pattern


Reasons to change

© SXC - Photo by Marcello eMMDG 7 is a goal that is directly related to the protection of the environment. MDG 7 acknowledges that human development is only possible if environment is intact and   natural resources are used in a sustainable manner. However, climate change is a major threat to ecological habitats and biodiversity. The carbon dioxide emissions that we produce by using fossil fuels for transportation and personal mobility are a major contribution to climate change.

But also globalization of traveling and tourism is a major cause of climate change. Regular long-distance traveling has become normal for many people, and especially  YMPs are flying a lot in both professional and private life. The emissions from airplane travel are, however, only a part of the problem: during the stay at another destination there is increased emissions and use of natural resources such as the water and energy needed to change bed sheets and towels each day. 


Some options for change that fit to Young Modern Performers


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When thinking about alternatives and sustainable mobility one obvious area of change is reducing individual travel by car. Cars with combustion engines are not only producing carbon dioxide while driving, but already the production of a car is a very energy-costing process, with an extensive use of raw materials for the hundreds of parts that each car is composed of. These materials have to be fabricated and then transported in complex global supply chains - both additionally producing carbon dioxide. So instead of traveling by car, well-known alternative options are:


  • Using bicycles for short distances
  • Using public transportation for special occasions such as going out in the evening in the city center
  • Otherwise using energy-efficient cars
  • Increasing car sharing www.momo-cs.eu


© SXC - Photo by pascal79When on long journeys by plane and staying overnight there are options to:


  • Carbon offsetting when flying according to the “gold standard” 
  • Reducing room service in hotels
  • Lowering the heating when leaving a hotel room



How to put the message for Young Modern Performers?


Promoting small steps for change

We found out during our actions that it is important when addressing the target group of YMPs with options for energy reduction to put these into the right context. What does this mean? YMPs who love driving cars are not interested in giving up their cars and use only bicycles or public transportation. Riding a bike and using public transport is found by most YMPs to be just an option for special occasions but not for everyday. We need to take this into consideration when addressing YMPs.

Therefore, we need to suggest options to change their mobility patterns that they will find acceptable. These can be things which also have a benefit for the YMPs like, for example: Public transportation to avoid traffic jams during rush hours.



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Also, public transportation is a very flexible option when it comes to going to a party or visiting a bar and only there deciding how you feel and how much you want to drink without danger and restriction of traffic law.


© Robert Kneschke (www.robertkneschke.de)Riding a bicycle to go shopping for small things here and there and thus reduce the time of the week that needs to be specially dedicated to sports, which then means that more time for other activities is available.





Emphasizing personal benefit

We can promote buying energy-efficient cars to save money on fuel (and as a side effect to save carbon dioxide). It helps us a lot in the messaging to the YMPs to create a win-win situation: a personal gain for them, and a gain for the environment.

The same is true for the topic of air travel. In professional life it is not always easy to avoid trips by airplane. In personal life it is, of course, not always desirable to avoid taking an interesting trip to an overseas country. YMPs are very adventurous types of people and are quite keen on getting to know other cultures as well. The message that we can give to YMPs is not to travel less but to neutralize the carbon dioxide emissions with buying certificates.


Promoting green behavior as trendy

Green is the new black …

Setting trends is something that YMPs do. They seek to be new and different from the general public. Setting trends can take many forms. There is a movement of “lifestyle of health and sustainability” (LOHA) throughout Europe and other parts of the western world. The message is: you can be different and still be hip while acting responsibly towards others and environment. Seeing movie celebrities walking on Hollywood Boulevard with fair trade fashion is just one manifestation of this LOHA trend. It goes on from special LOHA merchandising platforms for ecological shopping on the internet, to forums for fans of electrical cars. The overall message is that being sustainable does not have to include self-denial but can be sensual and enjoyable.