What are Young Modern Performers interested in? 

In order to get to know more about YMPs we did polls amongst them. The polls were conducted in the countries of our partner organizations: Germany, Portugal, Czech Republic, and Poland. Even though each country is different, there are characteristics of YMPs that are common in all above-mentioned countries:



© SXC - Photo by ugur canYMPs spend little time on educational activities not related to career building, as they are very constrained by their working life. Moreover, studies show that YMPs dislike formal educational offers such as seminars in adult education centers. They prefer self-guided learning.

This is part of the problem that we face as NGOs when addressing YMPs with the many events that we usually organize.

And this is why we as a consortium of NGOs chose to take information into the everyday life of YMPs instead of waiting for them to come to our events. To do so we used “Casual Learning” in our actions as a new and innovative method.


Development topics

We found that YMPs are interested in many topics such as politics, economics, sports, culture and healthy lifestyle. However, when it comes to development topics the degree of knowledge among YMPs varies a lot. Most of them claim to have at least medium knowledge of these issues. Also, they generally claim to be interested in these issues. As for sustainable lifestyle, the results are similar; there are YMPs with very good knowledge of sustainable lifestyle, but also those that lack this knowledge. Overall the YMPs are quite responsive to this issue and are interested especially in topics of sustainability that refer to everyday life  – organic food, electrical appliances with low consumption of energy, green energy, etc.

This is why we focused on these topics in our development actions related to everyday life of YMPs. 


Leisure time interests 


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YMPs generally dedicate their free time to sports and to their friends. They like to hang out in the cinema, restaurants, and bars. YMPs care about their food. They prefer buying organic or locally produced food if possible. However, fair trade products are not well known to them.


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Fashion is very important to YMPs. Many of them shop in chains such as H&M, while those with more money seek upmarket brands and more personal approaches. YMPs mostly lack the background on questionable working conditions in developing countries behind big fashion labels.



Most YMPs use the car as a means of transport. Some of them are aware that it is not the most ecological or economical way; however, they would not sacrifice it for going by bicycle, although they would be open to the option of electric cars if they were more widespread. They also fly a lot, as traveling is part of their lifestyle.



The medium number one for Young Modern Performers is definitely internet. YMPs are in fact the group within society that most intensively uses the internet. Many of them also listen to radio. Fewer of them read newspapers, news and lifestyle magazines, or watch TV.

This means for NGOs who want to target YMPs that connecting their development educational actions to the internet will increase their effectiveness. In our recipes you will find some examples of this, such as use of Facebook pages.