Where to find Young Modern Performers?

The answer to this question is essential to know if as an NGO you want to address this group. YMPs like to enjoy their free time and relax from work. They especially like doing sports and spending their free time actively. They enjoy all kinds of individual sports including hiking, cycling, sailing, and skiing. In the cities you will find them in gyms.


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When not doing sports, YMPs enjoy having a nice meal and meeting up with their friends over a drink or coffee. Most of them have lunch in a restaurant every day. You will encounter them in upscale restaurants, trendy bars and cafés. Most of them care for their food and, if available, they prefer organic food. Therefore an organic grocery shop or a farmers’ market might also be good places to spot them.

YMPs are also keen on culture and clubbing. As for culture, they usually prefer movies and concerts. Cinemas and clubs are therefore also places frequented by YMPs.


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© SXC - Photo by Roman PlojShopping is also a popular pastime of YMPs and fashion is very important to them. Malls are definitely good places to address YMPs as apart from the shopping, there are other activities that YMPs enjoy as cinema and dining.


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