Casual learning in a nutshell


Are you working as an NGO in development education? Do you want to inform and mobilize as many people as possible? Do you want to get in touch with those parts of society that you have not reached yet? Then Casual Learning may be a way to get in touch with these new groups. Let’s see what we can do...

We want to address people out of our reach, for example Young Modern Performers, with education on global topics and development. The only problem is: they won’t come to our events like music festivals, lecture evenings, and discussions because they either have no time or they just do not find the usual NGO style of activity very compelling. What to do? Very simple: if they are not coming to us, then we need to go to them! But how to do this? A very effective approach to this is using Casual Learning.

Casual Learning means learning at the everyday places of the target group. It means also quick learning "along the way“ with short and repeated messages. This is very much like what advertisement has been doing for many decades in all of our lives but what has not been used by NGOs yet to promote global topics of development.


© SXC - Photo by Sebastian Stefanov


We used Casual Learning because we knew that our target group, Young Modern Performers, do not have much time to spare in their lives and also do not participate, so far, in our events at all. Both problems are solved by using Casual Learning as an NGO: we move the information to the target group instead of waiting for them to come to us and we adapt our messages in a short and interesting way to reach maximum attention by YMPs.

Innovative Casual Learning tools for YMPs that we developed are for instance interactive napkins in cafeterias, bars and restaurants, water bottles on with messages on climate change in beauty salons, labels for luggage of travelers.

Many other options are possible like development information on park benches, in fashion shops, in gyms and other occasions of everyday life

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