Improving maternal health.



Target 5.A:

Reduce by three-quarters the maternal mortality ratio.

Target 5.B:

Achieve universal access to reproductive health.



The main ingredient

When (m)baking a better world, one of the steps is to reduce by three-quarters the maternal mortality ratio in order to achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health. Prenatal care for all!


In which stage are we in?

Despite progress, pregnancy remains a major health risk for women in several regions. The vast majority of maternal deaths are avoidable. The ingredients are simple:

 - educating girls and boys

 - reducing teenage pregnancies

 - empowering women to space births and choose family

 - maternal nutrition

 - ensuring trained attendance at deliveries and better access to emergency, ante-natal, and post-partum care

The investment in maternal health is a win-win strategy. The investment in maternal health will increase the number of women in the workforce and by doing so will contribute to the economic well being of local communities, and in a macro context, of the country. In fact, untreated pregnancy and birth complications undermine women’s ability to support their families. In 2010, almost 56,000 women died from such complications in India, and 40,000 in Nigeria.

MDG Monitor for Goal 5


What to tell Young Modern Performers about this MDG?

For this goal we addressed pregnant women from the group of YMPs with information on the global health situation of woman during pregnancy and in labor. We prepared and distributed useful items such as pregnancy calendars and business cards of gynecologists, spas, and beauty farms. This way we increased the identification of YMPs with this goal. You can check out details of these actions here.