Interesting development education can reach new groups in society 


Creating new recipes for new guests to development education


Imagine putting advertising and development education into a mixing bowl…. what do you get? Development education actions with a great new taste.

We, a consortium of NGOs spread over 4 European countries, looked into the best of marketing and development education.





In 25 actions over a period of two years we used techniques of the advertising and marketing industry, mixed them with our topics of development education, and got appealing actions out of it that addressed people who were closed to our messages before. We especially reached out to a new emerging group in society, which we barely got through to before, which is called Young Modern Performers.


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Aged 25 to 35, they work in high level positions in economy, administration, and cultural life or are students on the verge of becoming. With time constraints but enough money at their disposal, they seek the extraordinary and set trends for other groups.

In this database we share our experiences and the recipes of our development education actions.

If you as an NGO are also interested in getting development education to as many different people as possible, have a look and find out how we prepared educational actions, and what happened.

And of course we would like to invite you to share your experiences and ideas as well, and let this webpage become a place for exchanging interesting ideas on development education actions.