Consumption of energy 


© SXC - Photo by Michal ZacharzewskiReasons to change

Energy is consumed both in personal mobility and in the manufacturing process of many products. But there are also many other choices in everyday life that affect our energy consumption. There is, for example, heating for houses and hot water heating. And there is also electricity as a source of energy consumption. All these demands contribute to global climate change.





© SXC - Photo by Alessandro PaivaSome options for change that fit Young Modern Performers

There are many steps that can be taken in everyday life to reduce our energy consumption. Among the many options of energy reduction, such as isolation of buildings, saving electricity by energy bulbs and many others, we found certain topics to be more relevant to the target group of YMPs than others. The topic of electrical devices and energy is especially interesting to the target group of YMPs.



Some things to change for YMPs in this area could be:


-Reducing standby mode of electrical equipment

-Buying energy-efficient IT

-Reducing electronic waste by increasing lifespan of IT through careful handling, hardware and software upgrades

Greenpeace study on electrical waste




How to put the message for Young Modern Performers?

Promoting money saving

Besides ecological reasons for reducing energy consumption there is a definite gain in saving money. And this gain has a high priority for YMPs in regard to this topic. Therefore we as NGOs can increase the outreach to YMPs if we emphasize the monetary advantages in our messages. This, of course, does not mean that we need to forget about ecological reasoning when talking about energy saving. But an approach of “good for your wallet and good for the global climate” can have both aspects in it.