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Using art as a means to inform Young Modern Performers







General demand for IT products increases constantly. Today, many people do not only own a computer – they own a digital camera, laptop, smartphone, mp3 player, tablet and many other devices. Young Modern Performers (YMPs) are at the top of this trend. They achieve high incomes and are very aware of new technical developments. Indeed, they are the first consumers for most technical devices. Demand subsequently opens the market for many gadgets that have been appearing within the last decade.

The tremendous increase in IT that we all use everyday offers great chances in communication and free access to information. This development can enrich our lives. But at the same time there are downsides to consumption of IT equipment.

Many different raw materials are used in IT products. These raw materials are mainly produced in developing countries, which often comes with disadvantages for the people and environments there. But also, production of IT products is far from ideal. IT is primarily produced in low-wage countries in Asia. Employees work under appalling working conditions, sometimes at the risk of their lives. Workers, often women, regularly work 12 to 14 hour shifts, six days a week – without protection against hazardous substances. Labor rights are not enforced and trade unions are forbidden. This negative implication of IT leaves consumers in Europe and elsewhere with a responsibility for a sustainable demand and use of IT products. And YMPs can be important multipliers for that, as they are trendsetting in consumerism and especially, they are the avant-garde of IT users.


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