CD Tree


Using art as a means to inform Young Modern Performers






4th step – Producing giveaways

The next step is to produce the giveaways. In our case, we had to produce the CDs and give them a professional label or cover. You can either produce your giveaway by yourself – which is the option for a small budget – or task a company.

Usually you can find such companies, which produce these kind of gadgets to give away on the internet. As well, local photocopy shops sometimes offer printing for certain products.

In our case, we printed a short text on the CDs: 'smart and fair – dealing responsibly with cell phones, notebooks and the like'. This label informed the passersby, who can decide to take one with him or her, about the content of the CD.


5th step – Fixing  the timing 

Timing is important – so think about the time for your action. It might be a good idea to link it to a special event or period.

We decided to realize our action in the pre-Christmas period. So, we chose a corresponding motif with our CDs to take away and used them as little gifts.

You also have to decide on how long the action should take, how long you want to expose your artwork and take accompanying actions. This might also depend on the period you can use the location.


6th step – Finding a place

The place you choose for the exposition should be a location frequented by the target group YMPs. You could think about public places close to areas where a lot of YMPs work. Other options can be a shopping center, or an art gallery, bar or café in a part of the city where YMPs like to spend their leisure time. In our case, we decided for a public place in the city center where many YMPs pass by on their way to go out for shopping or having a drink in the evening.


The sculpture was directly placed opposite to a trendy bar called Waranga Bar. This location is visited by many YMPs in the evening. Also, directly opposite to the sculpture is the entrance to a luxury shopping area with expensive furniture, jewelery and other lifestyle accessories. These shops have many YMPs as customers. 

When having decided for a certain place, you have to contact the owner and get his or her permission to expose your artwork. If it is a public place, the procedure might take some time and effort with public authorities – keep that in mind for your time planning.


7thstep – Letting people know about your action

By inviting the press to the opening event and distributing press releases, you might get some publicity in the local press. Social media also provide options to raise awareness for your action, for example you can create an event on Facebook.



8th step – Taking action

After all the preparations are taken it is now finally time to take action. The piece of art can be installed.

You should plan some person to take care of it. This person should regularly pass by the installation and check if there is any damage or if something is missing.
It might also be worth thinking about someone attending the exposition that could talk to people passing by, distribute gadgets and supervise the whole action. Furthermore, direct contact with YMPs passing by might be useful to collect their feedback on the action.


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