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PDF: Luggage tags


Luggage tag 1: Millennium Development Goals

Message: Destiny...2015. 8 Steps for a Dream Destiny


Luggage tag 2: MDG 7                           

Message: Smart people, smart choices, green options


Luggage tag 3: MDG 8

Message: You don’t need to be a Super Hero to save the world




Common elements on the luggage tags


- The number of the MDG addressed in the top right corner
(lesson learned from our 1st action,  Christmas Stickers Collection )

- The Visibility rules

- The Facebook page – Connected for a better world

- Respect for the official color of each MDG. To allow that in the future there is the possibility for a visual recognition of the MDG symbols/icons/color.


The luggage tags at the international tourism exhibition



The luggage tags were available at the travel agency stand (Top Atlântico) on the balcony for three days. Sometimes they were also distributed by the team at the stand.






To empower our action and respect the casual learning concept, we also published on Facebook several posts related with sustainable lifestyles.

We started to present the action:


1 Teaser                     

The project 'Connected for a better world' will surprise you soon, come to see us at Bolsa International Tourism Exhibition (Fil: Parque das Nações)

741 impressions : 5 likes


2  Responsible tourism  - MDG 7

7 Djorson - Turismoresponsável


 596 impressions: 4 likes


3 Ecotourism – MDG 7

“take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints"


606 Impressions: 3 likes


4 Video makes poverty history - MDG 1

At Oscar night this is a film that you must see!

726 impressions: 5 likes


5 Green Technology – MDG 7

Mobile phone giant Nokia has taken first place in Greenpeace International's newly released "Guide to Greener Electronics"

647 Impressions : 5 likes


6 - Responsible consumption - MDG 8


Conflict minerals  -TakeAction | RAISEHopeforCongo


660 impressions: 3 likes


7 - What is sustainable tourism? MDG 7 and MDG 8

739 impressions : 5 likes


8 - Petition EU budget – MDG 8

EU budget: how much of its expected €1 trillion overall budget will it spend in the fight against extreme poverty over the next seven years? - sign the petition – MDG 8


611 impressions: 4 likes


9 - Are you a sustainable consumer?  MDG 8


639 impressions


10 – Micro-credit – MDG 8

Micro-credit, when combined with learning new agricultural techniques, basic business management, and literacy and numeracy skills, is being used effectively by USAID to promote food security in some of the poorest areas of Guinea.

701 impressions : 4 lIkes


11 -  Women and new technologies – MDG 3

596 impressions : 3 likes


12 -  Combat HIV/AIDS malaria and other diseases  - MDG 6

We can make the difference


656 impressions : 4 likes


Connected for a Better World






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