Maternity Calendars on MDGs


How to reach female Young Modern Performers







Very often when looking at Young Modern Performers (YMPs), we tend to think they are only white-collar male employees working for big corporations. But of course, there are also many women who have the same approach of high professional and personal achievement, career-building exclusive lifestyles, and are in this sense also YMPs. With this recipe we want to introduce an example to you of how to reach, in particular, these women with concise information on development that is embedded into their everyday lives.


There are many options to specifically address women from the group YMPs. In our case, we specifically focused on those YMP women who have already reached a good social standing and want to start a family, and link it to MDG 5 - 'Improve maternal health'.

It is always good advice to find a connection between the message and everyday life. If a woman is pregnant herself, it’s easier to get her interested in the question of other pregnant women in the Global South. It’s common for women to visit their gynecologist quite regularly, and not only in the case of pregnant women, but also women who care about their health in general. That is why we chose consulting rooms and antenatal (prenatal) classes as the main focus of this action. Our goal was to make the YMP women visiting these places aware of the differences between Global North and Global South, in areas of caring about women’s health. They will be able to compare their opportunities for caring about their health with lack of opportunities for the women from the Global South. In the period of pregnancy, women have to control their body condition and count days properly.
So a calendar is an often-used item, and seemed to be the best channel to make our target group interested in MDG 5.


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