Bottle Labels for MDGs


How to reach Young Modern Performers doing sports





After all the preparations, we started water and invitations distribution.

We found many places that agreed to our proposition:


1. Spartacus – fitness and sauna

2. Active Woman Studio Promocji Zdrowia i Urody – health & beauty salon

3. Studio Figury Estetka – health & beauty salon

4. Fitness Team – fitness club

5. Si?ownia Champion – gym

6. Szko?a Jogi na D?bnikach – yoga school

7. "LOOKSUS" Salon Urody – beauty salon

8. DIVA Studio Urody – health & beauty salon

9. Studio Urody Naturelle – health & beauty salon

10. Studio Urody Angel – health & beauty salon

11. Salon fryzur Hairtalk – hairdressing salon

12. Salon fryzjerski Starzyk Danuta – hairdressing salon

13. Ekopralnia – eco-friendly laundry

14. Lady Fit – fitness club

15. Medicor – fitness club

16. VICI – hairdressing salon

17. Studio EFFECT – health &beauty salon

18. Prestige – health & beauty salon

19. Centrum Urody Sekrety Pi?kna health & beauty salon

20. Strefa Ruchu Zachodnia – fitness club

21. Per?a – day spa


This feedback showed us that reaching service providers and shops can be easy, if you offer an item that their customers will benefit from. Hence, the shop owners and service providers feel that there is also a benefit in there for themselves. You as an NGO can use this win-win situation to your advange. The task is just to find the right kind of item that will fit with those places that you want to address.

Despite the great response, we had limited staff for distribution, and also a limited amount of 2000 bottles. We decided to choose the most suitable place (with the highest percentages of YMPs). We finally left water bottles, and invitations to the additional events, in these places.



‘Polonea’ water in health & beauty salon DIVA




Water in Fitness Club – Fitness Team




Bottles in Yoga School


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