Ice Scrapers Against Climate Change


Distributing educational materials with added value to Young Modern Performers




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1st Step – Thinking about the material to be used

Think about what kind of giveaway or practical object could fit your topic or action and what could be something useful for the target group – a product that is used in everyday life reminds them again and again to think about your message and your organization.

For inspiration, you can search the internet for companies and their offer of advertising products like giveaways and maybe come up with an idea.

We for example, decided to produce an ice scraper, but it could also be a pencil, a coffee-to-go mug, and so on.


2nd step – Developing the message

After deciding what kind of material you want to use, the next step will be to think about the content you want to put on it and – very important for your target group – about the design. Depending on the material, you might have to be really short and focused because, first, the space is very limited and second, YMPs want to get concise information.

The ice scraper we used for our action also only offered very limited space so we decided for a short slogan: "Freie Sicht auf Grönland … Mit Durchblick gegen Klimawandel"

Which means "Free view on Greenland…with a clear perspective you can work against climate change"




And on the back there was the message: "Saving fuel is saving the climate and your wallet. Your change for the climate has a global impact. Find out what you can do on our Facebook page: Lifestyle for a better world".

As there is only limited space on the material, it might be a good idea to promote a web page that offers more detailed information on the topic.




3rd step  – Thinking about the design        

What is important is not only the content but also how it is presented. Especially for our target group, professional design is important so we should think about it properly and try to meet the taste of YMPs.

To test if the material as you developed it attracts the target group, you can ask some representative about their opinion by showing it to them.


4th step  – Producing the material

The next step, after preparing all your ideas, the message, and the design, is producing your material.

Maybe you already know companies producing advertising materials and giveaways. If not, the internet is a good source to search for such companies. Sometimes photocopy shops also offer printing for certain materials. Maybe you just have to walk around the corner to your closest shop and ask there.


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