Installation Empty Swimming Pool for MDG 7


Creating unexpected situations to draw attention from new target groups








Getting new audiences like Young Modern Performers to be interested in development topics means that we need to arouse their curiosity. How to do this? We can create something out of the ordinary. Not an information stand, not flyers, not something that people already know. We need to create an unexpected setting, a new situation for our target group.

With this recipe we want to share our ideas of how to create attention with an unexpected event that we organized on the street.  

This action deals with the propagation of MDG 7. Access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation is not an urgent issue in most of Europe and also not in the Czech Republic, where this action takes place. So the main point of this activity is to draw   attention to the countries of the South. Nonetheless, Czech Republic also has some problems with water usage, too. The commentary was made to motivate the target group to change their everyday behavior – from the reduction of drinking water use in their bathrooms to pressuring politicians to limit the use of drinking water in industries. We wanted to point out this problem and make it significant for the group YMPs, so we connected the topic with swimming in pools, an activity often enjoyed by the target group.


We wanted to draw their attention to this topic and to provide them with more information about the possibility to engage in campaigns for safe drinking water and sanitation in countries where there is a need for improvement and inspire them to reduce their water consumption. We also wanted to link water consumption behavior in the developed countries with the water problems in the developing world.



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