Installation Empty Swimming Pool for MDG 7


Creating unexpected situations to draw attention from new target groups




Cake base


1st step – Concept

After brainstorming we came up with a concept of an empty swimming pool with a performance that would consist of two Czech actresses relaxing in the pool and a presenter that would interact with the public. Also, as a communication tool we decided to use tubes of 'instant water'.




2nd step – The place

Think of a place that is frequented by YMPs. Based on our experience, we would probably recommend a place which is not open to everyone. Ideally it would be inside an exclusive mall, gym, open-air swimming pool grounds, etc. Check if you need any permits to hold the event.


3rd step – Arranging the necessary equipment

We arranged the rental of the pool and got some other equipment such as parasols and inflated chairs. Also you will need a sound system, so that the presenter can speak with a microphone.


4th step – Designing instant water

We asked our designer for a design on our tube with 'instant water' in fizzy tablets. He came up with a very nice design, which actually looks like a real product (if the instant water in fact existed).


5th step – Having the instant water produced

Using our design, we had custom instant water tubes produced. We also had one 'oversized' produced, which we used as a table for the presenter, as you can see in the photo.



6th step – The performers

We recommend that you hire a presenter who is experienced at communicating with the public. The YMPs should be attracted by his speech, not distracted. He should therefore know how to address them. Also, you will need someone to 'relax' in the pool. We decided to use two Czech actresses, as popular faces definitely attract a bigger crowd. However, you can use volunteers if you are short on budget.




7th step – Arranging the filming of the event (optional)

We had our event filmed by a professional documentary filmmaker in order to be able to use the video in social media.




8th step – Spreading the word

Send out a press release to the media. Communicate the event on social networks and anywhere else you can.


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