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How to get development education on smartphones? 






6th step Promotion material




So the app is ready for download but what to do with it now? If we want to reach Young Modern Performers or any other target group with this app we need to promote it which means that we need to inform about the app and where to get it.

Many options are possible to inform on an app. This can be leaflets or adds in the internet on special interest websites for Young Modern Performers.

For the promotion of the puzzle game we chose to print a roll up with the download link of the app on it. The target group is very constraint in time. therefore the project team wanted to address the YMP during waiting times to get their attention. Thus we use hotel lobbies and the airport area to deliver some information on sustainable lifestyle and MDGs to them.



Content in English 


QR code 

It proved to be very valuable to have a QR code on the roll up. A QR code is working in the same way as a barcode on a product works. It carries some information on it that can be read by a fitting device. Any modern smartphone can read these QR codes. Use of them is really simple: You just take a picture and the phone will directly go to the webpage that is linked to the QR code. In our case this was the download page for the app.

So any Young Modern Performer coming across the roll up could just take a picture of the QR code and would get the app directly as a download.


7th step Reaching the Young Modern Performers with the smartphone app 

When thinking about where to put promotion materials for Young Modern Performers every place is suitable that they visit often. Of course they are not living apart from normal society as a clan but they are visiting many of the same places that other groups of people also visit. However still there are locations with higher percentages of Young Modern Performers than others.

For example in a business hotel there is a higher percentage of Young Modern Performers than in a supermarket.

So for reaching the Young Modern Performers best we can choose those places which we know have higher percentages than other.

For the puzzle app we chose for example waiting lobbies of business hotels and airports. A lot of Young Modern Performers are at these places and also they often have waiting time and are happy about some distraction which our app could offer perfectly.




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