Bookmarks on MDGs


How to get development education into books which our target group likes to read






If new target groups, such as Young Modern Performers (YMPs), are going to be reached by development education, it is important to get the information to them (and not trying to get them to visit us). This is a major advantage of casual learning, because also in this way, people who do not attend our activities normally will get information on global development. Having in mind this idea, we thought about attaching development education to an article that everyone buys on a regular basis. This way, many new addressees can get our message.

We can think of many such items: tickets for public transportation, shopping bags, CDs and also…books!

Even though nowadays we have e-books in the internet, many people prefer paper publications and books are still very popular, especially among educated people. This is true for many parts of society, and it is as well for YMPs. YMPs are highly educated and read on various topics, as we found out in our polls.

But how to get development information into books? What comes with many books anyway? A bookmark on MDGs!

Find out in this recipe how we produced bookmarks on global development, and how we got these bookmarks to YMPs  in the Polish city of Krakow.

With this recipe, you may get ideas on your own everyday item that you want to connect to development education.


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