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How to get development education into books which our target group likes to read




Cake base


1st step - Location and timing

Our initial task was choosing the time, place (in general) and duration of the action. If we want to address not just anyone, but a special group of people like YMPs, choosing the right locations is crucial. Of course, YMPs are not living on isolated islands, but in the midst of society. But there are places where more YMPs can be found, and there are places where there are less. So the question for us was, which bookshops to address? We chose modern and prestigious bookshops over ordinary ones because we knew from our opinion polls which kind of shops YMPs prefer. And we also chose special sections of the bookshop with those topics that YMPs are really interested in. 

We wrote letters to come into cooperation with bookstores. This was the longest part of the action, because of waiting for responses. Finally we found agreement with ‘Glówna Ksiegarnia Naukowa’ (Principal Science Bookstore) and bookmarks were distributed in four branches of this bookstore in Krakow.


2nd step - The Message

When creating slogans for bookmarks, we were thinking of an interactive style. The question was, how to reach them directly with the information about our project and MDGs? How to assure that the YMPs got complete information? And how to do it in an interesting way? We decided to prepare a two stage process of educational activities. We had questions on the bookmarks, and answers to be found on Facebook. In this way, we connected offline and online information, got YMPs curious about reading more, and also had an opportunity to provide detailed advice and information. This combination of short offline, and longer online information was used a lot in all the recipes that you will find on this web page.


3rd step - Design

After having decided upon the message, the next step is to contact the graphic designer and request a cost estimate.

Developing graphic design of bookmarks:

Main side: MDGs icon, question, Facebook site link

Reverse: bookstore logo, bookstore address, our organisation logo, EU logo and EU statement

When thinking about the style of the bookmark, we tried to get a really modern design which orientated at the taste of YMPs.


4th step - Facebook

Creating site on Facebook – all information, posts and graphics


5th step Printing of bookmarks


6th step Distribution of bookmarks in bookstores


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