Business Cards for MDG 5


How to sneak development education into advertisement material








The aim of this action was promotion of MDG 5. Maternal mortality is not a problem in the Czech Republic (the Czech Republic ranks among countries with the lowest maternal mortality ratio), so the main point of this activity was to draw attention to this problem in countries of the Global South. Young Modern Performers (YMPs) tend to ignore the issue of maternal mortality, as many of them do not have families yet and therefore are not familiar with maternity. We wanted to point out this problem and make it significant for our target group. We wanted to draw their attention to this issue and to provide them with more information about the possibilities of how to get involved. As it was clear that we cannot make YMPs come to an event on this topic, we chose the opposite way – take the information to them. We decided to present the issue at specific places frequented by the target group YMPs: physicians, laser clinics, and cosmetics and massage studios. But how to get this information there? This recipe illustrates how we managed to reach YMPs within locations that they like to visit by using common advertisement channels in a new way for development topics.


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