Business Cards for MDG 5


How to sneak development education into advertisement material






The basic idea was to communicate MDG 5, 'Improve maternity health', on the back side of business cards of partner businesses. The deal was simple: they can use the front side, and we can use the back side. We would pay for the distribution. We involved businesses that are attractive for the YMPs. Seven subjects took part in the project. The businesses were a cosmetics and massage studio, an aesthetics laser clinic, and an international documentary and advertising production. There were also four physicians participating (two gynecologists, one pediatrician and a general physician). On the back side, there was a visualisation of a pregnant woman saying, “So that giving birth is a happy event all over the world” and “We support MDG 5: Reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio”. There was a link to the website zajimejtese.cz (it means 'be interested'), where can be found more about the given MDG.

With this recipe we would like to share an idea of how to increase the spreading of a development topic by creating a partnership in advertisement with suitable businesses. This way we created a win-win situation: the businesses can promote their business for free and we get many new (and formerly hardly reached) locations to spread our message on global development. If you think of advertisement items that are used by shops or companies in your surroundings, you may find plenty of other options for combining development messages and advertisement for suitable businesses. May it be pens for take away, sweets at the cash point or reception, or any other advertisement material. With this recipe we hope to inspire some of these possibilities to be put into action.


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