Placemats for Restaurant Carriages on Trains


Reaching Young Modern Performers as business travelers




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1st step - Choosing the topic

Choosing the right topic is important in order to reach a target group that is not affiliated with your cause yet. The objective is to find a topic that the target group, in this case  YMPs, can relate to and have concrete ideas on what they can do personally to contribute to global development. This action in restaurant carriages let us reach to our target group YMPs directly. The customers of the restaurant carriages are a specific group within YMPs – managers, businessmen, and investors who travel mostly on business. Through this action we aimed at interesting them in the 'global partnership for development' program. Our idea was to make those people who deal with investing money as their daily work reflect about positive options of investing in sustainable business and entrepreneurships that foster equal living conditions around the globe.


2nd step - Establishing the cooperation with the service provider for the train restaurants

If searching for an item that is appropriate to place for an action, it can also be very helpful to discuss this with those who work there every day: service providers, companies, shop owners or whoever has direct access to your target group. You can ask what their customers like.

In our case we contacted the WARS Company, service provider for the restaurants on Polish high-speed trains, in order to form a partnership with them. We sent our proposal by email and then phoned them. We offered to make some gadgets for restaurant carriages and asked them for their suggestion on what would be the most useful. We also offered them promotional benefits, including the promotion of their company on our SWM website and the Facebook page for this action. We also offered to put their logo on the item to be distributed. They suggested to produce special placemats. However, we still had to wait for the final acceptance by the WARS management, which took almost 1,5 months. Then we could finally get started with the design of placemat.


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