Placemats for Restaurant Carriages on Trains


Reaching Young Modern Performers as business travelers






3rd step - Creating placemats

We decided to use the same printing house that is the main supplier of placemats for WARS. This way it was cheaper and it was possible to negotiate a discount. They gave us the standard dimensions and tips for graphic design.

Designing placemats

We brainstormed catchy messages with some volunteers at our organization, SWM, and conducted research on the internet about MDG 8 to find some information that could help us to formulate the right messages, and which could also be interesting and useful for our Facebook site.


Contacting the graphics designer

Developing graphic design of placemats:

-  specified dimensions

-  the topic – general idea

It was very important that the graphics design should be very modern because our specific target group YMPs consider a stylish design more important than other target groups. We suggested the blue color because this is the colour of MDG 8. It was also very important that the placemats could serve the functional of a placemat.

-   slogan

-   logos


Main side

Inwestujesz? Postaw na rozwój. Kolej na Po?udnie.

Do you want to invest? Choose development. It's time for the South.

Facebook site link

Global partnership for development

MDG  8 icon,

Visibility: EU logo and EU statement

Our organisation logo

WARS company logo




4th step - Finalization of cooperation with WARS Company

When the graphic design of the placemat was ready, we sent it to WARS for approval, they accepted it, and we could finalize our cooperation and sign the contract.


5th step

Printing of  20.000 placemats


6th step -The distribution of placemats

A great advantage when cooperating strongly with a service provider at the location you want to target with your action, is that the distribution can run as everyday business of this service provider. In our case this was true as well. The printing house sent the placemats to WARS company directly and also few copies to us. WARS company organized the distribution of the placemats a part of their everyday service to the guests in the train restaurants.


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