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How to address Young Modern Performers at a festival








Festivals are great opportunities to address YMPs. For example, it can be a city festival. Festivals attract a great number of people, and among them also a lot of those target groups that NGOs normally do not reach with other events. This recipe describes how a festival in Lisbon was used as a platform to address YMPs with development education. In your hometown maybe similar festivals are taking place that you can make use of.

In June, the month of the Festas dos Santos Populares (Feast Days of the Popular Saints), Lisbon nights are filled with llive music, parades, and lively festivities that take over the city’s historical center. The main saints’ days are for Antonio (June 12-13), John (June 23-24), and Peter (June 28-29).

Being the birthplace of St. Anthony, Lisbon celebrates the saint’s birth during this period of time. In the historical center, one can watch street entertainment ranging from theater to popular music, classical and ethnic music, jazz, circus arts, mime, brass bands, and traditional games. On the night of the 12th to the 13th, clubs and associations from the city’s different neighborhoods march down Avenida da Liberdade, competing with one another in flashy parades that include elaborate costumes, illuminated banners, and music. In the old districts of Lisbon, the streets become especially alive with lanterns, music, and crowds. In these parties – Arraiais – the people of Lisbon go to dance and eat sardines. A lot of YMPs can be found, as well, out on the streets, enjoying the festival in bars, shops, and clubs.

The June nights are nights that no one in Lisbon (YMPs, locals, visitors) wants to miss. We hope to inspire you with this recipe for some ideas to make your own connection to a festival in order to reach out to new target groups like YMPs . 

If you have festivals that are taking place in your vicinity you may find this recipe interesting. It shows various materials that can be useful for addressing your target group during a bigger event such as beer mats, funny games, and other ways of increasing attention for development topics.



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