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How to address Young Modern Performers at a festival




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1st step - From thinking to action

We had a meeting with the Communication Department (CD) to explain the idea. We started to work on this action in February 2011. We thought that regarding the main characteristics of the Portuguese YMPs, the sardine should be very attractive, with a design that YMPs could use.

After a period of brainstorming we decided that we should have something that YMPs could use not only during this month, but also something that they could keep with them: a badge.

Unfortunately, badges are very small, so we agreed that we needed something else. Apart from eating and dancing, there is a lot of beer consumed during the festival days. Why not also create a beer mat? A fantastic beer mat that bars and restaurants could put on tables during these days.

But something was missing. We really felt the need to provide more information on MDGs and also ways of supporting the MDGs: why not create a paper fortune teller? Hip hip hooray…


2nd step - Get opinions of Young Modern Performers

To test our idea, we made a small poll among our YMPs: “do you think it is possible to relate the festival days of the popular saints with the MDGs?”. The feedback was very positive. A pretest of this kind can help in any case to evaluate whether the material which was produced is not only corresponding with our taste, but also the taste of the target group.


3rd step – Designing beer mats and badges

Design is a key point for a badge and for anyone who really gives importance to the visual aspect of clothes. A badge with a message can be understood as a statement. A badge can also represent the style of the person that is wearing it. Style is especially important to YMPs. They like to surround themselves with stylish items. Therefore, with any material that we want to adress them with it is important to not only think about the message, but in the same way think about the design that carries this message.

Due to budget constraints (€1000 per action), we decided that the badge and the beer mat should have the same layout. We contacted the graphic designer and briefed him on our idea: a sardine with MDGs and the Facebook page. We asked about the budget. The budget was suitable for us, so we decided to go forward. He told us that it would not be easy to develop a sardine with the logos of all eight MDGs. But we insisted on his creativity, and the result was amazing. Only three days after our request he sent the proposal.




All eight MDGs were visible in the sardine as well as on the Facebook page. This is extremely important. YMPs use Facebook daily. They can access information every second using their high-tech gadgets, such as smartphones and tablet computers. So having Facebook visible they could immediately check the information. The badge worked like a teaser.


4th step – Developing a fortuneteller

How to develop a MDG paper fortune teller for development education to YMPs?

The paper fortune teller has eight sides, the exact number of MDGs. Immediately we decided that each MDG should be represented in the paper fortune teller. For each MDG an action should be promoted. So we were not only raising awareness on MDGs, but also calling for an action. In this case it was a call for eight actions.


5th step – Choosing messages

Casual Learning  is about short messages as used in advertisement. Especially in bars and clubs, a short message is much more likely to be received than longer texts that people are unlikely to read. So our purpose was to have a short, clear, and active messages related with the MDG icon. We choose the messages and the links.


6th step – Designing the fortune teller

We contacted another graphic designer. We explained our idea, and then provided a model of the fortune teller.

Tip: Our option was to provide the fortune teller nearly completed, in order to keep the design budget low.


7th step - Establish an distribution plan

We had to choose the days and the team for distribution. We also had to decide which shops, streets, bars, and restaurants should be targeted. Focusing on the favorite locations of YMPs is of utmost importance when trying to reach this target group.


8th step – Launching a press release

In order to increase public awareness, we gave information to communications agencies after having approved the press release.


Summary of the press release: IMVF celebrates the Feast Days of the Popular Saints with the MDGs. Within the European project "Lifestyles and MDGs", IMVF will promote the adoption of new lifestyles. With the sardine package, YMPs will learn about and act on MDGs. In the framework of this initiative, the package will be distributed in bars, shops, and restaurants in the Chiado neighborhood.




9th step - Preparing the information to use on Facebook

This step involves collecting all of the information and data to be used on Facebook so that YMPs will find comprehensive advice on what they can change in their everyday life to support the MDGs.


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