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How to do interactive print products for Young Modern Performers ? 









When looking at options to address a target group like YMPs, it is obvious that they do not come to your events by invitation, but that you need to move information to them. So, you need to think about places where you can address these 'reluctant' target groups. When searching for locations to put your message for a target group like YMPs, it makes sense to reflect upon necessities. What do these people need? If you know what, for example, YMPs need and where they get it, you have found possible locations where development education can start. Whether they like your development education or not is something that is up to you, in terms of how good the actions are. But at least you are in the right spot to reach them.

So what do YMPs need? In case of this educational action, we came up with a rather simple but striking answer. YMPs need, like anyone else, to…eat and drink! They go for lunch to the management cafeteria in big companies or, if they are still studying, technical departments of universities, and they go to fancy bars and restaurants. We wanted to target these locations with an action. And we wanted to adapt the topic of development that we promote to this need of food and beverage.


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