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How to shoot a promotion spot on development topics for Young Modern Performers?










The main course in this recipe is to deliver the spot that was produced to our target group YMPs. Therefore, the first thing that should happen after finishing the spot is contacting providers of public screens that are strategically well-situated to address YMPs. This means screens that are viewed by a high percentage of YMPs. We have found several places that are specifically suitable to address YMPs.



Particularly suitable are, for example, screens that are placed in:

- lobbies of business hotels

- exclusive bars

- exclusive gyms

- public squares of office buildings

- junctions between office buildings


In our case, we chose an intersection   in the city of Stuttgart, which connects a district, with many large companies of the region, with other cities. These companies have a high percentage of YMPs as employees. And these YMPs cross the junction on their way to and from work. The screen is placed directly opposite a traffic light. During rush hours, a lot of traffic jams happen there, so that YMPs can find some diversion in watching the spots on the screen. Our spot was displayed 200 times a day at that intersection, which has 120.000 vehicles passing by daily. (Movie MAH01388)



In general, public screens can be booked for money. For the screen in our example, we paid a rental fee. As an NGO, however, there is a great chance to reduce the costs in comparison to regular prices. In our case, we got a big discount as an NGO with a social spot.

In hotels, gyms and bars, a good way to approach them is to bring a notebook with the spot on it with you, and to prepare a DVD with the spot on it which you can leave at the bar. You can also leave a letter, with the offical letterhead of your organization, if the person in charge is not present.


You can also link the spot with other sources of information, such as Facebook or your own webpage, to give further information that cannot be included in a short spot. We chose to give deeper information on sustainable mobility on a Facebookpage. This included articles on the consequences of global climate change for developing countries, tips for saving fuel, a calculator on co2, and many other useful hints on how to change personal lifestyle.



Where to put your logo 

Putting the logo of your organization, and eventually logos of your funding sources, is simple at the closing credits at the end of the film.


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