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How to reach Young Modern Performers during shopping




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1st step – The idea

We gathered the development education team with the communication team of our organization. Our main goal was to spread the message in a very creative, simple (not simplistic), and attractive way. We also wanted to use the Christmas season to develop the action.

Because in our city shops don’t offer stickers for Christmas gifts anymore, we thought that this would allow us to have a double strategy: involving shops and costumers (and costumer friends and family). For both groups the stickers are something of use.

As we wanted to reach not just any group but especially the YMPs, it was really important to be at the location with the stickers. So we also identified the shops that YMPs normally go to, in order to approach them with the stickers. 

While looking at each MDG icon we thought that using small and funny sentences would be the perfect way to raise awareness. We started to think about the messages and we made a list of possibilities. Then we chose the one that was most suitable for the icon.


2nd step – Contacting the graphic designer

We clarified the budget and the timeline. We sent the official icons, the sentences, and the Facebook address.

The graphic designer sent us the draft version of the stickers. The proposal was great.

Afterwards, we contacted a graphic office to print the stickers collection.

We also bought rubber bands to wrap each sticker collection.


3rd step – Finishing the sticker collections

For each MDG we had two stickers. These needed to be put together in a collection with a rubber band. This way the sticker collection was like a tiny book of stickers to take away.

The team spent almost an entire day wrapping the collections - more than 500 collections.

In order to hand out the collection in 10 shops in Lisbon, we bought 10 paper boxes to put in the sticker collections and made a label saying “Free MDGs Christmas Stickers”.



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