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How to reach Young Modern Performers during shopping






As a topping to our recipe there was not much left but to distribute the stickers. But, there were two things of importance that we needed to take care of:

  1. Choosing the right shops that are really well-frequented by our target group of YMPs.
  2. When doing something new as an action it is always good to keep track of the results.


This is where we put the stickers and what we got as feedback from stores and also the YMPs themselves:  



We were received by the shop manager. We presented the project in a very simple way. Next we showed the stickers and the messages. Because it’s a chain of stores, all the decoration and messages need to be approved by the management, so the manager told us to come back later, after he had time to call the management. We left the stickers in a box with the promise to return. After two hours, the stickers were available in the balcony near the cash registers.

Lessons learned:

Always leave the product in the shop, in order that the person responsible can check the messages and decide without pressure.

Avoid chain stores - it’s a difficult procedure and in the end it will be depending of the good will of the manager.

Feedback: the next day the box sticker was empty!!! So we brought 50 more stickers collections (100 in total).

The manager told us that customers were very interested in the stickers and really liked the massages.



Like the previous shop, it’s a chain store with the same constraints. We used the same strategy, left the stickers and came back later. After two hours the stickers were available (50 collections).

Feedback: because there were a lot of free publications on the balcony, customers didn´t look very interested in the stickers. The sellers had to offer the stickers to the customers that were receptive to the messages.



Gardenia stores are a fashion icon in Lisbon. The sellers were very receptive to the stickers collection and were very interested in the message topics. They asked us what the F at the end of the sticker represented - we explained that is F for Facebook. It was a great alert.

Feedback: The costumers were very interested in the stickers collection and asked how they could get more! They told the sellers that it’s very important for these kind of messages to use positive creative and informal strategies.



Prestigious store with Mac and iPod items. We were stunned with such an amazing reception. They were very interested in the stickers and the messages in order to transmit all the info to the costumers.

Feedback: Great support of the messages and of the means (creative and informal) used to convey the messages, without losing the aim: to raise awareness.



The best ice creams in the world. A spot for YMPs. Again, very well received. Good comments on the initiative.

After two hours the sticker box was empty. We refilled the box with more than 50 collections.





WeSC is a street-fashion brand for intellectual city slackers. Very receptive.


 Feedback: The costumers really like the stickers and ask for more.



This company’s basic principle is to develop new simple products at reasonable prices, by making the best use of materials while considering environmental issues. At first we felt resistance from the sellers to listen to our brief comments on the project - it was the opening week, and it was crowded - so we return at the end of the day, and they allow us to leave the messages on the balcony.



 Feedback: The sellers were not able to share their perceptions. They told us “yes, the costumers take it”.


Next stop

AnaSalazarBoutique: fashion designer

Ana Salazar dignified the concept of fashion in Portugal, playing a key role in the way fashion was presented, creating shows, exhibitions, and other events.

The shop sellers really enjoyed the aim of the action and the short messages on the stickers.

In five minutes the sticker collection was available on the balcony.



MARIAS: boutique store, exclusive brands, Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, YS, etc

At Maria’s the shop sellers were really happy with the initiative. They asked more about what the MDGs were about and were glad to place the stickers at the center of the balcony in a very visible way.


Metro Studio: fashion hairdressing

The Metro Studio Hairdressers were really surprised with the initiative and were really excited to have the opportunity to participate. They immediately placed the stickers near the cash register and said that they would distribute the stickers to each client.

We keep track of the number of visitors/fans of our Facebook page in order to register an increase in the number. From 80 fans we increase our number to more than 250 fans.

Apart from it, we conduct small interviews with the shop assistants that provide us with some feedback regarding the target group reaction and response to the stickers collection.



The Christmas sticker action that we describe here in this recipe is all about reaching YMPs  in shops. It is an example of an action to reach new target groups in the shops they visit. When thinking about the group of people that you want to target with your own action, you will possibly come up with many other great items that can be used in the same way. It could be business cards for the shops, or designing of mirror stickers for the change rooms of fashion shops, or other interesting materials. The slogans and Christmas labels that we have created for this action can even be used in completely different locations such as school book labels. The sentences and the cards can also be used to prepare business cards of museums or cinemas, or a deck of cards as a game can be created from it.


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